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Poumai Gospel & Hymns Collection: The Ultimate Playlist for Worship and Meditation

Poumai Gospel Song Download: How to Enjoy the Music of a Unique Tribe


Gospel music is a genre of Christian music that expresses the faith, worship, and testimony of believers. Gospel music has many forms and styles, depending on the culture, language, and tradition of the people who create and perform it. One of the most interesting and unique forms of gospel music is the Poumai gospel music, which is produced by the Poumai tribe, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group that lives in Northeast India.

In this article, you will learn more about the Poumai tribe, their gospel music, and how you can download and enjoy their songs online. You will discover the history, features, benefits, and impacts of Poumai gospel music, as well as some of the best artists and albums you can listen to. You will also find some frequently asked questions and answers about Poumai gospel music at the end of this article.

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What is Poumai Gospel Music?

Poumai gospel music is a type of Christian music that is sung in Poula, the language of the Poumai tribe. Poumai gospel music is influenced by the traditional folk music of the Poumai people, as well as by other genres of gospel music, such as country, rock, pop, and contemporary. Poumai gospel music is characterized by its use of harmonies, melodies, rhythms, instruments, and lyrics that reflect the faith, culture, and identity of the Poumai tribe.

Why Should You Listen to Poumai Gospel Music?

There are many reasons why you should listen to Poumai gospel music. Here are some of them:

  • Poumai gospel music is a way of learning about the Poumai tribe, their history, culture, religion, language, and literature. You can gain insights into their worldview, values, beliefs, practices, and challenges through their songs.

  • Poumai gospel music is a way of experiencing the diversity and beauty of God's creation. You can appreciate the creativity, talent, and skill of the Poumai artists who use their gifts to glorify God and edify others through their music.

  • Poumai gospel music is a way of enriching your spiritual life. You can find inspiration, encouragement, comfort, joy, peace, hope, and love through the messages and testimonies of Poumai gospel songs. You can also worship God and express your gratitude, praise, adoration, confession, petition, and commitment through their songs.

How to Download Poumai Gospel Music Online?

If you want to download Poumai gospel music online, you have several options to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • You can visit YouTube and search for "Poumai gospel song" or "Poumai gospel album". You will find many videos of Poumai gospel songs that you can watch or download using a YouTube downloader app or website.

  • You can visit SoundCloud and search for "Poumai gospel song" or "Poumai gospel album". You will find many tracks of Poumai gospel songs that you can stream or download using a SoundCloud downloader app or website.

  • You can visit Spotify and search for "Poumai gospel song" or "Poumai gospel album". You will find many playlists of Poumai gospel songs that you can stream or download using a Spotify downloader app or website.

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<h3 The Poumai Tribe: A Brief Overview

Before we dive into the Poumai gospel music, let us first get to know the Poumai tribe, the people behind this unique genre of Christian music. Who are the Poumai tribe? Where do they live? What is their culture and religion? What is their language and literature? Here are some basic facts about the Poumai tribe:

Origin and Location

The Poumai tribe is one of the major Naga tribes in Northeast India. The word "Poumai" means "the people of the land" or "the people of the soil" in Poula, their native language. The Poumai tribe traces its origin to a common ancestor named Pou, who migrated from China to India along with other Naga tribes. The Poumai tribe inhabits the Senapati district of Manipur, a state in Northeast India. They have four sub-tribes: Paomata, Lepaona, Phaibung, and Chilivai. They have about 100 villages spread across the hills and valleys of Senapati district.

Culture and Religion

The Poumai tribe has a rich and diverse culture that reflects their history, geography, and environment. They have their own customs, traditions, festivals, dances, music, arts, crafts, costumes, and cuisines that showcase their identity and heritage. Some of their famous festivals are Thounii (New Year), Lui-Ngai-Ni (Seed Sowing), Chumpha (Post-Harvest), and Christmas. Some of their popular dances are Khupi (War Dance), Lai-Lam-Thokpa (Welcome Dance), and Thangal (Sword Dance). Some of their distinctive arts and crafts are weaving, pottery, wood carving, and basket making. Some of their traditional costumes are Phirhoi (Shawl), Khuthei (Skirt), and Khangkhai (Headgear). Some of their delicious cuisines are Khamen Chatpa (Fermented Soybean), Ngashan (Smoked Pork), and Ooti (Bamboo Shoot).

The Poumai tribe is predominantly Christian, with about 98% of them belonging to various denominations of Christianity, such as Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and Evangelical. The Poumai tribe converted to Christianity in the early 20th century through the efforts of American missionaries, such as William Pettigrew and Watkin Roberts. Christianity has transformed the lives of the Poumai tribe in many ways, such as abolishing headhunting, promoting education, health care, social welfare, and human rights, and fostering peace and unity among different tribes. The Poumai tribe is known for its strong faith, fervent prayer, generous giving, and active participation in church activities.

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Language and Literature

The Poumai tribe speaks Poula, a Tibeto-Burman language that belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. Poula has four dialects: Paomata, Lepaona, Phaibung, and Chilivai. Poula has its own script called Poulaphou or Poularou that was developed by Rev. Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou in 2002. Poulaphou has 36 letters: 10 vowels and 26 consonants.

The Poumai tribe has a rich and varied literature that includes oral and written forms. The oral literature consists of folktales, legends, myths, proverbs, riddles, songs, poems, and prayers that are passed down from generation to generation through storytelling, singing, reciting, and chanting. The written literature consists of books, magazines, newspapers, journals, reports, essays, articles, stories, poems, and novels that are written in Poula or other languages, such as English, Manipuri, or Hindi. Some of the notable Poumai writers are Rev. Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou, Dr. R. L. Nuh, Dr. K. Shimray, and Dr. R. S. Pou.

The Poumai Gospel Music: A Rich Heritage

Now that we have learned some basic facts about the Poumai tribe, let us explore their gospel music, which is one of their most precious and distinctive cultural expressions. How did Poumai gospel music originate and develop? What are the features and styles of Poumai gospel music? Who are some of the famous artists and albums of Poumai gospel music? Here are some answers to these questions:

History and Development

Poumai gospel music has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the early 20th century, when the Poumai tribe embraced Christianity through the influence of American missionaries. The missionaries introduced the Poumai tribe to the hymns and songs of Western Christianity, which they translated into Poula and taught to the new converts. The Poumai tribe also learned to play musical instruments, such as guitar, piano, harmonium, violin, and flute from the missionaries.

Gradually, the Poumai tribe began to compose their own songs


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