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How to Install and Play Survival Games Zombie Mod for Minecraft

Survival Games Zombie Mod: How to Turn Minecraft into a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland


Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to create and explore infinite worlds with your imagination. But what if you want to spice things up and add some zombies to the mix? What if you want to experience a thrilling and challenging survival game in a zombie-infested world?

That's where survival games zombie mod comes in. This is a mod that transforms Minecraft into a zombie apocalypse survival game, where you have to scavenge for resources, fight off hordes of zombies, and build a base to survive. In this article, we will show you how to install and play survival games zombie mod, as well as some tips and tricks to help you survive in this harsh and desolate world.

survival games zombie mod

What is survival games zombie mod?

Survival games zombie mod is a combination of several mods that change the gameplay, mechanics, and aesthetics of Minecraft to make it more suitable for a zombie survival game. Some of the mods included are:

  • Zombie Awareness: This mod makes zombies more intelligent and dangerous. They can track you by blood or light, break through glass windows, and spawn with better armor and weapons.

  • Zombie Horse Spawn: This mod adds zombie horses to the game, which can be ridden by zombies or players.

  • Epic Siege: This mod increases the difficulty and frequency of mob attacks, especially at night. You will face more zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, and other hostile mobs.

  • Mob Sunscreen: This mod prevents zombies from burning in the sun, making them a constant threat even during the day.

  • Bloodmoon: This mod adds a rare event where the moon turns red and zombies become more aggressive and spawn in larger numbers.

  • The Lost Cities: This mod generates ruined cities in the world, where you can find loot, resources, and zombies.

  • Rough Mobs: This mod adds new abilities and behaviors to mobs, such as zombies being able to infect villagers, skeletons being able to shoot fire arrows, and spiders being able to web you.

  • Tough As Nails: This mod adds realistic survival features, such as thirst, temperature, seasons, diseases, and more.

  • Bad Mobs: This mod allows you to disable or limit certain mobs from spawning in the world.

  • TekTopia: This mod adds new villagers with professions, skills, needs, and personalities. You can trade with them, recruit them, or protect them from zombies.

These are just some of the mods that are included in survival games zombie mod. There are also other mods that enhance the graphics, sounds, animations, and user interface of the game. You can find the full list of mods and their links in the references section below.

Why play survival games zombie mod?

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to play Minecraft, survival games zombie mod is a great option. It offers many benefits, such as:

  • It adds variety and challenge to the game: Survival games zombie mod changes the gameplay of Minecraft significantly. You will have to deal with new threats, new mechanics, new environments, and new goals. You will have to adapt your strategies and tactics accordingly. You will never get bored or complacent in this mod.

  • It creates a immersive and realistic experience: Survival games zombie mod makes Minecraft Large Biomes, Amplified, or Customized. The Default world type is recommended for survival games zombie mod, as it generates a balanced and diverse terrain. The Superflat world type is not recommended, as it makes the game too easy and boring. The Large Biomes world type is good for those who want more exploration and variety. The Amplified world type is good for those who want more challenge and spectacle. The Customized world type is good for those who want to tweak the world generation settings to their liking.

  • Difficulty: You can choose between Peaceful, Easy, Normal, or Hard. The difficulty affects the spawn rate, damage, and health of mobs, as well as the hunger and health regeneration of the player. The higher the difficulty, the harder the game. The Hard difficulty is recommended for survival games zombie mod, as it makes the game more challenging and realistic.

  • Cheats: You can choose to enable or disable cheats, which allow you to use commands to change the game settings, give items, teleport, and more. Cheats are disabled by default, and enabling them may ruin the immersion and balance of the game. However, you may want to enable them for testing purposes or for fun.

  • Seed: You can enter a seed, which is a code that determines how the world is generated. You can use any seed you want, or leave it blank to generate a random one. Some seeds may create interesting or unique worlds that suit the theme of survival games zombie mod. You can find some examples of seeds in the references section below.

  • Start your survival adventure: Once you create or load your world, you will spawn in a random location with nothing but your fists. Your first priority is to find some basic resources, such as wood, stone, food, and water. You will also need to craft some tools, weapons, and armor to help you survive. You can use the crafting table or your inventory to craft items from recipes. You can find some examples of recipes in the references section below.

  • Explore the world and find loot: The world of survival games zombie mod is full of dangers and opportunities. You will encounter zombies and other hostile mobs that will try to kill you. You will also find loot and resources that will help you survive and progress. You can loot chests, barrels, crates, furnaces, dispensers, and other containers that may contain useful items. You can also find villages, dungeons, temples, mineshafts, and other structures that may have loot or secrets. You can use the map or the compass to navigate the world and mark your locations.

  • Build a base and defend it: One of the most important aspects of survival games zombie mod is building a base that can provide you with shelter, storage, crafting, and protection. You can build your base anywhere you want, but you should consider some factors such as terrain, resources, visibility, and accessibility. You should also fortify your base with walls, doors, fences, traps, torches, and other defenses. You should also have a bed, a chest, a furnace, a crafting table, and a water source in your base. You will have to defend your base from zombie attacks, especially at night or during bloodmoons. You can use weapons, armor, shields, bows, crossbows, and other items to fight them off. You can also use turrets, golems, dogs, villagers, and other allies to help you defend your base.

  • Survive the elements and the diseases: Survival games zombie mod adds realistic survival features that make the game more challenging and immersive. You will have to monitor your thirst, temperature, seasons, diseases, and more. You will have to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. You will have to wear appropriate clothing and use fire or cooling devices to avoid hypothermia or heatstroke. You will have to adapt to the changing seasons and weather conditions. You will have to avoid or cure diseases that can affect your health and performance. You can use bottles, canteens, filters, thermometers, heaters, coolers, medicine, bandages, and other items to help you survive the elements and the diseases.

The challenges

Survival games zombie mod is not an easy game. It is designed to test your skills and endurance in a zombie apocalypse scenario. You will face many challenges that will make your survival difficult and rewarding. Some of the challenges are:

  • Zombies: Zombies are the main threat in survival games zombie mod. They are fast, strong, smart, and relentless. They can track you by blood or light, break through glass windows, spawn with better armor and weapons, infect villagers, and ride horses. They are immune to sunlight and fire, and they become more aggressive and numerous during bloodmoons. You will have to use stealth, strategy, and firepower to deal with them.

  • Other hostile mobs: Zombies are not the only enemies in survival games zombie mod. You will also encounter skeletons, spiders, creepers, endermen, witches, slimes, and other hostile mobs that will try to kill you. They have new abilities and behaviors that make them more dangerous and unpredictable. For example, skeletons can shoot fire arrows, spiders can web you, creepers can explode on impact, endermen can teleport behind you, witches can throw potions, slimes can split into smaller slimes, and so on. You will have to use caution, tactics, and equipment to deal with them.

  • Loot scarcity and durability: Survival games zombie mod makes loot more scarce and valuable. You will have to scavenge for resources and items in the world, as they are not easy to find or craft. You will also have to repair and maintain your items, as they have durability and can break or wear out. You will have to use anvils, hammers, duct tape, and other items to repair and upgrade your items.

Hunger and thirst: Survival games zombie mod makes hunger and thirst more realistic and challenging. You will have to eat and drink regularly to avoid starvation and dehydration. You will also have to find or cook food that is nutritious and safe to eat. You will also


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