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Shadow Of The Colossus PSN

The gameplay is nearly identical to the original version of the game, aside from reworked controls.[1][2][3] Progression through Shadow of the Colossus occurs in cycles. Beginning at a central point in a landscape, the player seeks out and defeats a colossus, and is returned to the central point to repeat the process.[4][5] Most colossi are located in remote areas, such as atop cliffs or within ancient structures.[4][6]

Shadow of The Colossus PSN


Shadow of the Colossus is set in the same universe as ICO, and is a prequel to it. The entire game is dedicated to locating and fighting the sixteen colossi, which must be faced and defeated in a particular order. Finding the giant creatures is not always easy: the hero must mount his horse and ride through the world's vast landscapes, using his glowing sword as an indicator of the colossus' proximity. There are no enemies or hazards in the game world outside of the colossi battles. After a colossus has been found, a large-scale battle begins. Most of the colossi are huge, and much of the challenge in the battles lies in climbing on top of these creatures and staying there, while they are trying to shake the player character off. In a certain way the colossi function as hostile, moving platform stages.

The general goal in every battle is to reach the colossus' weakpoint and repeatedly stab it with the sword until he dies. Since the colossi vary greatly in shape, size, speed, intelligence, and attitude towards the hero, the player will have to adapt to different fighting styles and employ different tactics against them. Most of the battles involve extended platform action sequences, as the hero is trying to climb on the colossus and find its weak spot. Grabbing the creature's fur, timing the jumps, and getting in a good position to use the sword are often essential. Other tactics include fighting on horseback, using ranged attacks with the bow, luring the colossus into specific locations to use the environment against it, taking advantage of the terrain, etc. Environments in which battles take place are also varied, including mountains, deserts, lakes, ancient ruins, and others.

The game features many other technological achievements. Some are visible such as self-shadowing, and some are behind the scenes, such as the complex memory management system that allows for the huge game world without loading time or memory fragmentation.

Your time in Shadow of the Colossus is generally divided into two parts - tracking down the next colossus, and defeating him with a mix of well-timed platforming leaps, light puzzle solving and quick sword slashes and dodges. With each colossus spread out over the sprawling Forbidden Lands, from beachside caves and lakeside ruins to hilltops and forests, figuring out where your next target is is half of the game. Fortunately, you have a magical sword that, when held up to the skies, generates a beam of blue light to lead you to your next colossus, albeit as the crow flies.

Each colossus is essentially its own boss fight, and you'll need to figure out a different strategy for defeating each one. Though some may be gigantic earthen birds, others are dog like beasts, while others still are humanoid, stone-armoured behemoths, each has a similar set of weak points that you'll need to figure out how to reach, and attack. For example, one early one is a bit too tall to simply leap at and clamber up, so you need to shoot the underside of his feet with arrows to make him bend down, letting you grab onto his hairy knees instead. Another large stone knight likes to swing his sword down - making the perfect ramp up to his arm - however, a large stone bracelet stops you from getting any higher up. A conveniently-placed metal plate in the ground can shatter the bracelet, if you can lure him over it and get him to whack it with his sword, giving you a relatively unobstructed path up to his head, save a bit of platforming and jumping between ledges.

Shadow of the Colossus isn't necessarily a hard game - but it can be a little obscure at times. With each colossus requiring a different strategy to beat, it's not always immediately obvious how you're supposed to defeat each one. While the disembodied voice will try to point you in the right direction, its instructions sometimes aren't that helpful - like telling you that the aforementioned bracelet colossus' armour is "weak and brittle", when what you have to do is make him hit his arm on the metal plate in the floor.

When climbing up a colossus, it's also worth noting you have a stamina gauge of sorts that dictates how long you can hold on for before your arms get tired and you fall to the ground. You'll need to plan your route carefully, and find appropriate places to let it rest and replenish, while climbing the colossi - which can be easier said than done, when it's busy bucking and trying to shake you off. Hunting down the glowing lizards you sometimes spot running around the wilderness can extend your stamina gauge and let you hold on for longer, making climbing up the colossi easier.

As part of your quest to resurrect a dead maiden, Shadow of the Colossus sees you defeating a number of giant stone colossi creatures. Players must scale their oversized bodies to reach the blue glowing glyphs on their backs and heads which indicate their weak points - by repeatedly thrusting their sword into said point, they can take down the colossus and defeat them. Sword thrusts are accompanied by large sprays of a black blood-like substance, and in one scene a character is shot in the leg with an arrow, and impaled in the chest with a sword. However, Shadow of the Colossus has no bad language or sexual content whatsoever. 041b061a72


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