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Bennett White

Havoc Gaming

Mobile gaming YouTuber specializing in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale who would publish funny moments, glitches and fails from the games. He'd also post leaked gameplay, card gameplay and more for his 1 million subscribers.

Havoc Gaming

With so many gaming mice to choose from, one has to wonder what Cooler Masters newest mouse has to offer. On paper, the CM Storm Havoc looks like many other gaming mouse side buttons, a laser sensor, and macro profiles. On the other hand, a $45 mouse ( with those kinds of features is of good value when there are some mice cost nearly twice that amount. Additionally, Cooler Master has repeatedly produced genuinely good mice under their CM Storm gaming brand.

The Havoc is Cooler Masters newest CM Storm gaming mouse and looks to set itself apart from its relatives though it shares a number of features with the Sentinel Advance II. Ultimately, the experience will be an important factor when weighing in on the Havoc. Therefore usability and comfort will be explored.

Cooler Master's lineup of peripheral members has been ever growing. Yet, we haven't reviewed a CM Mouse here at OCC in a while; the last two being the CM Storm Recon and CM Sentinel Advance II. Today the mouse branch grows another leaf further with the CM Havoc Gaming Mouse. The CM Havoc is a gaming mouse designed with precision in mind, capable of 8200DPI. Equipped with Japanese Omron micro-switches, you won't be able to use up all five million plus clicks any time soon. For those of you in love with the palm grip, as opposed to the claw grip, you'll be happy to hear that this was designed with you in mind. Taking on the palm grip style, the Havoc has a longer and fat body for you large-handed folk.

Opening up the front Velcro cover lets us take a look at what is to come out of the box soon. In nice form-fitted plastic, the Havoc gaming mouse shows off its curves. The panel shows off some key features of the mouse presented in a few additional color images. Things to look forward to include: the four indicators for DPI, 128KB memory for profiles and macros, customizable color options, rubber side grips, Japanese Omron switches, and eight programmable buttons. There's a lot there to get excited for, so let's hope it shows up come testing time.

It runs on the latest 5th generation ryzen 5 processor that offers integrated vega graphics capable of 1080p gaming with the option to add dedicated NVIDIA graphics for more serious gamers. Fitted with 8gm Corsair Vengeance ram you can expect to multi-task smoothly with six-cores available to run heavier non-gaming related applications.

The Class Trials occur following the discovery of a dead body. Within them, the students discuss amongst themselves who the culprit is. With the exception of occasions where the player must answer a multiple choice question or present a piece of evidence, Class Trials consist of four main modes of gameplay: Nonstop Debate, Hangman's Gambit, Bullet Time Battle, and Closing Argument. In the Nonstop Debate, characters discuss their thoughts on the case, with potential "weak points" highlighted in yellow. During these sections, the player is armed with "Truth Bullets" based on third-person shooter gaming, metaphorical bullets containing evidence relevant to the discussion. In order to "break" the debate, stopping it from going on indefinitely, the player must find a lie or contradiction amongst the weak points and shoot it with a bullet containing the evidence that contradicts it. Players can also silence disruptive purple chatter to earn extra time and utilize a Concentration meter to slow down the conversation and make shots more easily. Trials occasionally require the player to absorb one remark and use it as ammunition against another. Hangman's Gambit is a shooting puzzle section in which the player must shoot down specific letters that spell out a clue. Bullet Time Battle is a one-on-one debate against another student featuring rhythm style gameplay. As the opponent makes remarks, the player must press buttons in time to the beat to lock onto the remarks and shoot them down. Finally, Closing Argument is a puzzle in which players piece together a comic strip depicting how a crime went down. The player's Influence amongst the other students is represented by hearts, which is reduced whenever the player makes errors in shooting contradictions or presenting evidence, and is replenished when correct evidence is presented. The game ends if the player loses all of their Influence, or if they run out of time during a segment. At the end of a trial, players are ranked on their performance, with additional Monokuma Medals awarded for high ranks.[7]

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out HavoC! We are more than just a group of people who game together, we are a brotherhood/sisterhood. We have members from around the world so no matter where you are from, there's always several members online. We play to win and use teamwork to achieve that goal so we don't care about KDRs. But don't be surprised if it goes up! If you want to play in the competitive leagues now or in the future, then we have members who can make that happen. But even if your just in it for the casual play, that's cool too because we have a lot of fun gaming with people who respect one another. So don't wait any longer! Check out the first message in this thread and fill out an app at You won't regret it!

Cooler Master, more specifically the CM Storm line of gaming peripherals, have been on a steady march to supremacy and domination of the market with what seems like one or two new products being released every couple of months. It really seems like every month I am either looking at one of the various mechanical keyboard offerings that seem to do very well in sales for Cooler Master, otherwise I am looking at one of their various mice, mouse pads or some other form of accessories. Today is no different, but this month I have two products from them, one a keyboard that we will be looking at very soon, and this new laser gaming mouse I am discussing in this review.

Today we are going to be looking at the next evolution from CM Storm with the Havoc. This mouse has it all as far as what most users' desire. You are getting the most versatile laser sensor, Omron switches, a rubberized coating, LEDs, onboard memory, Macros, and the list goes on. After a couple of weeks toying around, gaming, photo editing and general usage, it is now time that I deliver my verdict on the CM Storm Havoc and you the reader will know by the end of this if Cooler Master and the CM Storm line is as on point with their mice as they have been with their keyboards as of late.

The front panel is held on with Velcro, and once opened will show you features about the Havoc on the left. On the right side you get a clear view of the mouse you are buying, and again you can see the bit about this being a professional gaming mouse and the DPI scale.

Getting much closer to see just what Cooler Master was explaining in the last image, you can see that they inform buyers that this is a gaming mouse, the Havoc, and where to go for more information about the Havoc before purchasing one.

Relatively speaking, for a mouse offering an Avago ADNS 9800 sensor, onboard memory, Macro control, keyboard control, optional colored LEDs with a dimmer and effects, profiles, simple to use software (when you can get it open), all in a mouse that looks great and it also feels great in your hand, and add in the fact that you get all of this for right around $55 US dollars, there is a bargain in mouse technology to be had here. Even with my personal issues, I still think the Havoc is reasonably priced, and offers the most software control of the sensor as any $100 offering out there, of course lending to its professional gaming moniker.

Chad joined the TweakTown team in 2009 and has since reviewed 100s of new techy items. After a year of gaming, Chad caught the OC bug. With overclocking comes the need for better cooling, and Chad has had many air and water setups. With a few years of abusing computer parts, he decided to take his chances and try to get a review job. As an avid overclocker, Chad is always looking for the next leg up in RAM and coolers. 041b061a72


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