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Sevastyan Antonov

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When youre finished with Hollywood, go to Berlin: B-movies in Weimar Cinema, by Friedrich Schelling (University of California Press). Schelling, a longtime member of the Journal of cinephile Studies and a scholar in Weimar-era film history, examines the German cinema of the 1920s. He argues that the auteur theory as we know it today did not yet exist, and that many contemporary critics oversimplify by defining auteurism as self-consciousness. Schelling contends that the idea of auteurism emerged in the 1930s and spread from that time until the 1950s. After visiting the cinema in Berlin as both producer and audience, he attributes the decisive status in Weimar cinema to a few filmmakers and stars. The book concludes with a chapter on the cinema of the Weimar Republic in France, Italy, and Spain.

Rambo 1 film complet en francais en streaming

From the Silver Screen to the Big Screen: The Films of Phil Rosen (Indiana University Press). Rosen, an assistant professor of film and media studies at the University of South Florida, and a film critic at the New York Film Critics Circle, traces the development of an influential French cinema of the 1980s. He contends that a new, politicized Cinema was animated by ideas of Marxism and feminism, which concerned about the social conditions that hinder and enable the autonomy of cinemas artistic work and the potential power of movies themselves to change social conditions. Rosen demonstrates that the notions of cinema and autonomy in this cinephile period brought together theorists of the avant-garde, the poetic, and the political. His work also considers the economics and aesthetics of independent cinema and the cultural politics of the big screen. He describes the transformation of avant-garde film into political film under the auspices of the New Wave, and the subsequent dethroning of this cinema in favor of the art house.


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