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How to Master Annelids Online Battle: Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Mode

Annelids: Online Battle - A Review of the Worm Action Game

If you are a fan of worms games, you might want to check out Annelids: Online Battle, a dynamic and fun shooter game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will control a worm that is armed with various weapons and fight against other worms in a fully destructible underground world. You can play offline or online with up to 6 players in different game modes and maps. In this article, we will review the gameplay, graphics, pros and cons, and tips and tricks of Annelids: Online Battle. We will also show you how to download and install the game on your device.

What is Annelids: Online Battle?

Annelids: Online Battle is a game developed by Michal Srb, an independent game developer from Czech Republic. It was released in 2015 for Android devices, and later in 2016 for iOS devices. It is inspired by the classic worms games, such as Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, but with some unique features and improvements.

annelids online battle

The gameplay and features of Annelids: Online Battle

The gameplay of Annelids: Online Battle is simple and intuitive. You will control a worm that can move, jump, dig, shoot, and use items. You can customize your worm's appearance, name, team, flag, voice, and weapon set. You can also choose from different difficulty levels, ranging from easy to insane.

The game offers various features that make it more enjoyable and challenging. Some of these features are:

  • A fully destructible underground world that can be shaped by your actions and weapons.

  • A physics-based engine that simulates realistic movements, collisions, explosions, and gravity.

  • A procedurally generated map system that creates random and unique maps every time you play.

  • A dynamic weather system that affects the visibility, wind, and lighting of the map.

  • A day-night cycle that changes the time of day and the ambient light of the map.

  • A damage system that shows the health, armor, and status effects of your worm.

  • A replay system that records your matches and allows you to watch them later or share them with others.

The graphics and sound of Annelids: Online Battle

The graphics of Annelids: Online Battle are colorful and cartoonish, but also detailed and realistic. The game uses a 2D pixel art style that gives it a retro feel. The animations are smooth and fluid, and the effects are impressive and satisfying. The game also supports high-resolution screens and devices.

The sound of Annelids: Online Battle is also well-done and fitting. The game features a catchy and upbeat soundtrack that matches the mood of the game. The sound effects are crisp and clear, and the voice acting is humorous and varied. You can also adjust the volume and mute the sound in the settings menu.

The pros and cons of Annelids: Online Battle

Like any other game, Annelids: Online Battle has its pros and cons. Here are some of them:

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Fun and addictive gameplayVarious game modes and maps

Some bugs and glitches

Customizable worm and weapon set

Some weapons and items are unbalanced

Online and offline multiplayer

Some online players are rude or cheating

Realistic physics and graphics

Some devices may lag or crash

Free to play and download

Some in-app purchases and ads

How to play Annelids: Online Battle?

Annelids: Online Battle is easy to play, but hard to master. You will need to learn the basics of the game, such as the controls, the game modes, the weapons, and the items. You will also need to practice your skills, such as aiming, shooting, digging, and dodging. Here are some tips on how to play Annelids: Online Battle:

The game modes and missions of Annelids: Online Battle

The game offers four game modes that you can choose from:

  • Deathmatch: This is the classic mode where you have to kill all the enemy worms or be the last worm standing. You can play this mode offline or online with up to 6 players. You can also choose from different maps, such as desert, forest, city, or cave.

  • Team Deathmatch: This is similar to Deathmatch, but you have to work with your teammates to kill the enemy team. You can play this mode offline or online with up to 6 players. You can also choose from different teams, such as red, blue, green, or yellow.

  • Capture the Flag: This is a mode where you have to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. You can play this mode offline or online with up to 6 players. You can also choose from different maps, such as desert, forest, city, or cave.

  • Missions: This is a mode where you have to complete various objectives and challenges. You can play this mode offline only. You can also choose from different missions, such as rescue, destroy, defend, or escape.

The weapons and items of Annelids: Online Battle

The game offers a wide range of weapons and items that you can use to fight your enemies. Some of these weapons and items are:

  • Guns: These are the basic weapons that you can use to shoot your enemies. They include pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, snipers, and lasers.

  • Rockets: These are the explosive weapons that you can use to blast your enemies. They include bazookas, grenade launchers, homing missiles, and nukes.

  • Mines: These are the trap weapons that you can use to surprise your enemies. They include mines, dynamites, C4s, and barrels.

  • Air Strikes: These are the aerial weapons that you can use to rain fire on your enemies. They include airstrikes, napalms, meteors, and UFOs.

  • Magic: These are the special weapons that you can use to cast spells on your enemies. They include fireballs, lightning bolts, ice spikes, and black holes.

  • Items: These are the useful items that you can use to help yourself or your teammates. They include health packs, armor packs, jetpacks, parachutes, teleports, and invisibility cloaks.

The tips and tricks for Annelids: Online Battle

The game requires skill and strategy to win. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your performance:

  • Aim carefully: The game uses a realistic physics engine that affects the trajectory of your shots. You have to consider the wind direction, gravity, distance, and angle when you aim. You can also use the zoom function to get a better view of your target.

  • Dig wisely: The game allows you to dig through the terrain using your worm or your weapons. You can use this feature to create tunnels, hideouts, shortcuts, or traps. However, be careful not to dig too much or too deep as you might get stuck or buried.

  • Use cover: The game features a fully destructible environment that can be used as cover. You can use the terrain to protect yourself from enemy fire, or to destroy it to expose your enemies. However, be careful not to damage yourself or your teammates with your own weapons.

Use items: The game provides you with various items that can help you in different situations. You can use health packs to heal yourself or your teammates, armor packs to increase your defense, jetpacks to fly over obstacles, parachutes to land safely, teleports to move instantly, and invisibility cloaks to become invisible. However, be careful not to waste your items or use them at the wr


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