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Bennett White
Bennett White

Tomb Raider Won't Launch? Try These Fixes for the "Steam Must Be Running to Play" Error

I noticed a very noticeable performance disparity with the M1's display in some games. I have noticed this with Intel's UHD+ class LCDs and just had a MacBook Pro from 2015 that I had to replace the display in. The difference is that it took about 3-4 minutes to boot, and the game launched in a playable format. I tested Tomb Raider as a proof of concept and noticed this problem. I repeated the test with the M1 and quickly discovered the game took about 30-45 seconds to launch, which made it feel like it took about 30 seconds to boot.

Steam must be running to play this game error in tomb raider

The Division 2/Rosetta 2: I had trouble with this game. The Division 2 ran just fine, but The Division 2 proved problematic with the Steam overlay, and I noticed the game had consumed 100-150 MB of VRAM, which according to the M1 has 256 MB of VRAM. I had to lower my resolution to 1080p and then move the M1's display to 'Scaled' in order to fix this issue. I am willing to sacrifice 144 Hz, so lowering the resolution did not occur to be a problem for me. I had no issues with the game. I also noticed that the Steam overlay consumes VRAM, which I had to lower the resolution as well. It is unknown whether it is the fault of the M1 or the game.

Killzone: Shadowfall/Rosetta 2: This futuristic first-person shooter is far from perfect, but I was quite impressed. The art style and characters are wonderful. Unfortunately, the game needs some major fixes on the game's PC. For starters, the textures are not super high quality, and it's difficult to tell what's in the distance. The animations aren't the best either. You'll find yourself missing out on the movement and details of the game because of these issues. Also, the game is terribly unoptimized. The game was running super slowly. I installed all of the patches from Steam, yet the game still ran very, very slowly. It took me over five hours just to complete the single-player campaign. Yes, that's right, five hours. On my high-end MacBook Pro from 2016, with a 1080p display.


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