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Sevastyan Antonov
Sevastyan Antonov

Journalists Of Color Missing From Wired UK’s Future Of Online Journalism Post ((TOP))

Although suspicion toward communities of color has historical roots that span decades, new developments like facial recognition technologies (FRT) and machine learning algorithms have drastically enlarged the precision and scope of potential surveillance.14 Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies often rely upon tools developed within the private sector, and, in certain cases, can access massive amounts of data either stored on private cloud servers or hardware (e.g., smartphones or hard drives) or available in public places like social media or online forums.15 In particular, several government agencies have purchased access to precise geolocation history from data aggregators that compile information from smartphone apps or wearable devices. In the general absence of stronger privacy protections at the federal or state levels to account for such advancements in technology, enhanced forms of surveillance used by police officers pose significant risks to civilians already targeted in the criminal justice system and further the historical biases affecting communities of color. Next, we present tangible examples of how the private and public sectors both play a critical role in amplifying the reach of law enforcement through facial recognition and other surveillance technologies.

Journalists of Color Missing from Wired UK’s Future of Online Journalism Post


Radio Television Digital News Foundation Scholarships & FellowshipsAwards are available to student and new professional journalists for sports reporting, health coverage, national security journalism, and more. RTDNF also offers several awards specifically for journalists of color, including the Ed Bradley and Carole Simpson scholarships for undergraduates and the N.S. Bienstock and Michele Clark fellowships for new professionals. Recipients have gone on enjoy careers from reporter, anchor, and news director to White House speechwriter, media regulatory attorney, and journalism educator. Several have served as RTDNF board members and many are Murrow Award winners.Deadline: May 31, 2016 350c69d7ab


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