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Bennett White
Bennett White

Seamanship Techniques. Shipboard And Maritime O...

There is a wide range of maritime books available in the market for nautical science students and sea-going deck officers. From those, we have hand-picked some of the most important maritime books on seamanship, navigation, and ship stability which every seagoing deck officer must-have.

Seamanship Techniques. Shipboard and Maritime O...

Seamanship Technique is a famous book for cadets and deck officers, providing seamanship knowledge along with collision avoidance regulations, GMDSS requirements, rescue operation and pollution control etc. This book is used by training institutes around the world as a reference guide for shipboard training.

In a 2016 assessment, U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets and their faculty adviser documented the vulnerability of shipboard navigation systems.1 This study and others have shown how GPS and/or maritime electronic charting systems can be jammed or manipulated by an adversary or malicious actor.2 In addition, multiple civilian and military casualties over the past 25 years have highlighted that overreliance on electronic navigation and GPS positioning sources can result in catastrophic consequences.

Educators and trainers face tremendous pressure to integrate new, important curricula requirements each year, and some knowledge is lost as it is deemed archaic or irrelevant in the face of advancing technology. The maritime military services and larger maritime community must resist eliminating core programs such as celestial navigation and seamanship theory. 041b061a72


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