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Lodo Guillermo Fadanelli Pdf Descargar Free

Lodo by Guillermo Fadanelli: A Novel of Love, Philosophy and Crime

Lodo is a novel by the Mexican writer Guillermo Fadanelli, published in 2002. It tells the story of Benito Torrentera, a fifty-year-old philosopher who falls in love with Flor Eduarda, a young woman who may have killed her co-worker. The novel explores the themes of ethics, modernity, passion and violence in contemporary Mexico.

Lodo was awarded the National Narrative Prize Colima 2002 and was a finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos Prize 2003. It is considered one of the best Mexican (and Latin American) novels of the decade by critics and readers alike. In this article, we will review some of the main aspects of this novel and provide some links to download it for free in PDF format.


The Plot of Lodo

The novel begins with Benito Torrentera narrating his story from prison, where he has been sentenced for helping Flor Eduarda escape from the police. He recalls how he met her in his apartment building, where she lived with her aunt. He was immediately attracted by her wild beauty and her rebellious attitude. He soon discovered that she had a troubled past and that she was involved in a murder case.

Flor Eduarda worked at a convenience store with a man named El Chino, who was abusive and violent towards her. One day, she stabbed him with a pair of scissors and fled the scene. She sought refuge in Benito's apartment, where he agreed to hide her and help her get fake documents. He also decided to take her on a road trip to Tiripetío, a town in Michoacán where the first philosophy lecture in the New World was given by Fray Alonso de la Vera Cruz in 1540.

Benito hoped that this trip would allow him to reconnect with his passion for philosophy and to experience a more intense life with Flor Eduarda. However, things did not go as planned. They encountered several obstacles and dangers along the way, such as corrupt cops, drug dealers, kidnappers and assassins. They also faced their own inner conflicts and contradictions, as they realized that their relationship was based on an impossible utopia.

The novel ends with Benito being arrested and separated from Flor Eduarda, who disappears without a trace. He reflects on his fate and his choices, wondering if he ever really loved her or if he was just using her as an excuse to escape from his boring and meaningless existence.

The Style of Lodo

Lodo is written in a cynical and reflective tone, mixing philosophical references with colloquial language and dark humor. The novel is full of aphorisms and insights that reveal the author's worldview and his critique of modern society. The novel also contains graphic descriptions of sex and violence, as well as references to pop culture and current events.

The novel is divided into three parts: "The Beginning", "The Middle" and "The End". Each part consists of several chapters that are numbered with Roman numerals. The chapters are short and fast-paced, creating a sense of urgency and suspense. The novel also uses different narrative techniques, such as flashbacks, letters, dialogues, monologues and newspaper clippings.

The Themes of Lodo

Lodo explores several themes that are relevant to contemporary Mexico and the world, such as:

  • Ethics and modernity: The novel questions the moral values and principles that guide human actions in a complex and chaotic society. It also examines the concept of "liquid modernity", coined by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, which refers to the fragility and instability of social bonds and identities in the globalized era.

  • Love and passion: The novel portrays the relationship between Benito and Flor Eduarda as a paradoxical mixture of attraction and repulsion, tenderness and cruelty, idealization and disillusionment. It also explores the role of sex as a source of pleasure and pain, liberation and domination, communication and alienation.

  • Philosophy and literature: The novel pays homage to several philosophers and writers who have influenced the author's thought and style, such as Emil Cioran, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, John Fante, Philip Roth and Truman Capote. It also reflects on the meaning and purpose of philosophy and literature in a world that seems to have lost its sense of direction and transcendence.

  • Violence and crime: The novel depicts the reality of violence and crime in Mexico, where corruption, impunity, poverty, inequality and drug trafficking are rampant. It also shows how violence and crime affect the lives of ordinary people, who are either victims or perpetrators, or both.

How to Download Lodo for Free in PDF Format

If you are interested in reading Lodo by Guillermo Fadanelli, you can download it for free in PDF format from the following links:

  • [Scribd]: This is a platform that offers millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more with a free trial. You can access Lodo by Guillermo Fadanelli in Spanish by clicking on this link.

  • [Perlego]: This is a platform that offers unlimited access to over 500,000 ebooks and textbooks with a subscription. You can access Lodo by Guillermo Fadanelli in Spanish by clicking on this link.

We hope you enjoy reading this novel and discovering the fascinating world of Guillermo Fadanelli, one of the most original and provocative voices of Mexican literature.


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