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Throne and Liberty And there you have it – a simplified

Are you eager to dive into Throne and Liberty before its worldwide release on South Korea servers? Fret not; Throne and Liberty Lucent the process is simpler than you might have heard. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to set up your Liberty gaming experience hassle-free.

Download and Install NCP Purple Launcher:

Head over to and download the NC Purple Windows installer, which will serve as your game launcher. Once downloaded, install the launcher. No need for any fancy configurations or VPNs at this stage; just follow the straightforward installation process.

Create a South Korean Account:

Upon launching the NC Purple Launcher, you'll be prompted to sign in. Instead, click on the sign-up button, which will take you to the registration page. Create an account as if you're in South Korea, entering your date of birth in the year-month-day format. Use a regular Gmail account for email verification. Once registered, sign in to the launcher.

Download Throne and Liberty:

Navigate to the store section within the launcher, where Throne and Liberty should be featured prominently. Click on it, and from there, initiate the download and installation process. Choose your preferred installation location.

Secure a South Korean NC Soft Account:

To fully enjoy the game, you'll need a South Korean NC Soft account. If you don't have one, check the video description for a link to a Reddit thread where users discuss ways to obtain or sign up for an account. Once acquired, sign out of your current account in the launcher, switch to the new account, and proceed with the download.

Protect Your Account:

Be cautious of potential bans by heading to, signing in to your South Korean account, and navigating to the contacts section. Set your recovery phone number to your personal phone number to ensure additional account security.

Adjust Date and Time Settings:

Before launching the game, set your computer's date and time settings to Seoul. This simple step ensures a smoother gaming experience and avoids potential issues reported by some users.

VPN Setup:

While VPNs weren't required for the initial setup, you'll need one to actually run the game. Choose any VPN service; the guide suggests ExitLag, which allows you to route only the game traffic through the VPN network. Download and install the VPN, select Throne and Liberty, and let the VPN handle the server connections for you.

Start the Game:

Click on "Start Game" in the launcher, and the VPN should seamlessly route your traffic through the selected server. A visual indicator will confirm the successful connection. If you encounter any issues, feel free to seek help in the comments or join a live stream for real-time assistance.

And there you have it – a simplified guide to set up Throne and Liberty on South Korea servers. Enjoy your gaming experience, and cheap TL Lucent may your adventures in the world of Throne and Liberty be filled with excitement and success!


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