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Bennett White
Bennett White

Beautiful Feet Cabin-DARKSiDERS

The player plays a masseuse in the game and runs a beautiful foot cabin. Receive all kinds of city beauties every day, massage their feet and legs. Relieve pressure for her and satisfy her little hobbies at the same time.

Beautiful Feet Cabin-DARKSiDERS

In the game, the freedom of the massage part is very high. In addition to using the set massage posture, players can also freely drag the position of legs and feet and rotate the bones. Almost any massage position you want can be created.

The player plays a masseuse in the game and runs a beautiful foot cabin. Receive all kinds of city beauties every day, massage their feet and legs. Relieve pressure for her and satisfy self little hobbies at the same time.

The Magys awoke furious, accusing the Senior Captain of betraying her people by denying her the "right and weight of leadership." She insisted that her people were gone and her remnant had no right of "lingering survival," and they must die to touch the Beyond. Thrawn tried in vain to reason with the Magys, but she insisted that she would commit suicide then and her people would follow later. Abruptly, Caregiver Thalias interjected, taking the brooch from Thrawn's hands and showing it to the Magys. The brooch was clean and beautiful, unblemished by the stains of war or degradation, suggesting its recent manufacture and distribution. The Magys instantly ceased her angry accusations and gained a new resolve. She explained that the brooch had undoubtedly come from her world of Sunrise, and only the artisans of the Southern Mountain could craft such a beautiful trinket from metal wires. She had feared them all dead, as she feared of the rest of her planet's population, but Thalias and the brooch gave her new hope.[15]

Jixtus accepted the Chiss' offer, he continued by saying he didn't care about Yiv, certainly not, as he was gone. He continued by saying that was his entire fleet, not the full Grysk fleet of course, but his entire fleeet. He continued by saying that the Grysk fleet would completely cover Csilla's sky, and that his fleet are just the ships that he considered necessary for the destruction of the Chiss Ascendancy. Thrawn began to explain why sending the Nikardun against the Paatatus was a mistake. When the Paataatus saw there was an attempt to conquer them, they became unhappy, which turned into an equal degree of gratitude for Thrawn's assistance in breaking the last Nikardun stronghold. Which made them happy enough to do a favor to Thrawn, Thrawn asked Nakirre if he was still there, Nakirre confirmed it, Thrawn continued by saying that Nakirre sent the Kilhorde against several of the small nations in the south and southeast of the Ascendancy, unfortunately for them, that also put them on the north and northwest of the Paataatus Hiveborn, having that big of a military force near their borders was deemed unacceptable, and therefore destroyed it, thanks to the weaknesses in design and combat doctrine shared by Thrawn to the Paataatus. Nakirre leapt to his feet and began to scream at Jixtus, which shot Nakirre with a blaster. Qilori was shocked and attempted to stop Jixtus, however, the Grysk told the pathfinder to become calm because the Kilhorde was gone and therefore the Generalirius was useless. Jixtus asked Thrawn to give the Grysks the Magysines, however Thrawn continued yet another speech. Thrawn said that the data gathered from the Hammer had provided knowledge of weaknesses in the Kilhorde, but in the Grysk fleet to. He asked Jixtus to keep that in mind before Thrawn said his last question. Jixtus asked what question was he going to say. Thrawn then asked him to surrender.[4]

Thrawn worked to perfect the art of war. He had respect for his enemies, believing that in order to defeat a worthy opponent, one must understand them in every aspect, including their history and philosophy. In particular, Thrawn had a strong appreciation for art, and he believed that studying it could allow him to delve into the psyche of the people of the cultures that the artists belonged to,[10] even though his study of art made him the target of many jokes in the Imperial Navy's upper ranks. The critics of the Grand Admiral falsely thought he just enjoyed beautiful pictures, while Thrawn's supporters knew it helped him learn enemy tactics.[7] Other Chiss never understood Thrawn's ability to build detailed tactical knowledge from what was viewed to be insignificant or obscure details, but Thrawn believed anything in a species' art was important. To Thrawn, all threads tied together, every brushstroke spoke to him, and the light curves told the artist's story. While he knew that every artist was an individual, Thrawn knew that they were the product of a culture, so Thrawn could use art to begin to deduce the "fundamental pattern" of a species. He also could find the relationships between a species' art, culture, and military doctrine, which allowed him to anticipate and counter them on the battlefront.[3] 041b061a72


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