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About Couple Rings Set - BIG, BOLD AND EXPENSIVE Plus, HISTORY

Promise rings are enjoying renewed popularity today, so you've probably heard this name before. What exactly are they? What are they? Should you wear them and purchase them? Are the claims about these rings which circulate around the internet true? To assist you in understanding the reasoning behind them and differentiate the truth from the rumours we have compiled all the relevant and interesting engagement ring details you should be aware of about this beautiful piece. Explore the article and find answers to all your questions.

A Promise Ring: IS IT A REAL THING?

An engagement ring can be described as a ring that you present to your love one or you both exchange as a sign of an upcoming marriage. They make a commitment to each one another to marry in the future in advance. A ring can either be passed down from one person to another or two rings could be exchanged as wedding ring. Engagement rings aren't purity rings nor are they commitment rings (more on that later). They are exactly what they are: a visible promise to marry, a promise to connect lives, if the circumstances work in your favor. Think of it as the promise ring definition.


You may wonder, Why is this even necessary? You might not be able of marrying your spouse right away due to the nature of life that is unpredictable. The reason could be that you're financially unsecure or you are still completing your education, or one of you must leave the country for a period of duration, which can be very long. Teenagers may also exchange engagement rings if they are certain that they will get married right away when they reach old enough.

The ring is intended to safeguard love from doubts, and to foster optimism. It is also an omen of the reunion which will be held sooner or later. The promise ring isn't a proposal in the traditional sense. It is an agreement to come back in a couple of years, with the phrase "engagement wedding, engagement, family life".

From Romans to Romanticity: The historical development of Promise Rings

The history of the promise ring is as exciting and long as any other piece of jewelry that has meaning. Here we only mention a few of the major points of the time.

Promise rings first appeared in ancient Rome and were used when marriage was a serious family affair and involved the transfer of massive fortunes and possessions. To confirm that the marriage would be a reality after all the commotion and legal disputes the groom gave rings to the bride. It was not an engagement in the modern sense, but it was a legal pledge to seal the grand family contract by a marriage. There's nothing romantic about what ancient Romans considered as promise rings, unfortunately.

In the Middle Ages such rings were hidden as gifts to beautiful women whose love for a knight or nobleman was trying to win. If the ring was accepted, it was an indication that the effort was successful. The rings could have a specific combination of stones or an inscription that is delicately placed on the inside of the band.

In the 19th century the tradition of the promise ring became more modern in its meaning as increasing numbers of young and not so young bachelors first needed to establish themselves financially and then headed to foreign countries to test their luck. In order to assure the bride of the future groom's devotion and loyalty and to aid her in surviving the separation, these rings were presented as a token of appreciation prior to departure.

People who were wealthy could exchange these rings for fashion reasons and the rings were able to be quite unique and imaginative as this was the time of high interest in codes and charades.

What is the basic the underlying belief behind this Ring?

The ring is an affirmation of the vow you made. It is always on your wrist, and it reminds you regularly. Its goal is to remind you of someone's commitment and marriage vow. It's a way to confirm vows and promises made. Rings are a sign that you are guaranteed to marry and have a family with someone you love.

Should I make a promise to ring?

Let's try to rephrase the question: Why should or shouldn't you do it (exchange promises rings)? It is not advisable to exchange promise rings in the event that you're not planning to marry the person. That's the main reason. If you're planning on getting married but you don't have a lot of money to spare, you can skip this step and save some money for the engagement ring. They aren't manageable in any way.

But on the other hand in the event that your situation isn't that bad and you both love each other but aren't ready to tie the knot immediately or even soon and you're not sure, why not put up small objects to remind you and your boyfriend that this delay is just is a matter of time? You'll be able to enjoy a delicious wedding and honeymoon sooner rather than later. Sometimes, a sweet moment can bring you joy, calm you, and motivate you to continue to work toward that ultimate goal. For your loved one the ring will be an indication that you're dead serious about family, marriage and everything else. So, a promise ring is an excellent idea when you can afford it So, go ahead.


The field of exploration is enormous. The current fashion lets you wear virtually anything and look pretty good without having to worry about being outdated. So it depends on the preferences of the woman you'd like to gift a ring and your financial circumstances. Choose a ring which is elegant, delicate and stunning. She will then proudly wear the promise ring, which indicates she's completely serious.


Men's rings tend to be more simple and reserved often brutalist. However, if you'd like something more refined and elegant you can wear it without hesitation. The rigid rules about what to wear are largely gone, and you can wear whatever you want (as as long as it's something that you can do). If you're not a style-conscious person, pick something neutral and simple that will work with any outfit.

Are there Promise Rings for A DUO?

These rings can be identical and differ only in size. In this instance rings that are shared promise are a symbol of the love and commitment to an ongoing relationship that lasts the rest of your life. When choosing rings, look for jewelry with a common characteristic such as a material, a stone or a unique shape, or maybe initials that are engraved.


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