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The Errant Venture had fled the engagement over the Five Worlds and had set up shop in the Coruscant system, with Rar and Lavint still aboard. Unbeknownst to Rar, however, a holocam had recorded her in the corridors outside the Maw Casino and transferred this information to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant several days after the events in the Corellian system. There, the Alema Rar Task Force, consisting of Zekk, Jaina Solo, and Jagged Fel, received the data and departed the surface of the galactic capital for the nearby Errant Venture. They were shortly thereafter joined by the Solos, who returned to the Star Destroyer from Gyndine. Rar detected Leia Organa Solo's presence clearly and grew excited at the prospect of righting the Balance. Meeting with Lavint briefly in the cabin, Rar assured her partner that their deal was concluded, aware that Lavint was still a potential target for elimination if her plans went awry. The ex-Jedi made her way to a data kiosk to download information on recent arrivals to the Errant Venture.[28]

With Jaina Solo, Zekk, and Fel still tracking her movements, Rar knew that she had to act quickly at Ossus. She left the Meditation Sphere in a ravine and made her way to the Jedi Academy. Once there, Rar was surprised to discover that Jacen Solo had dispatched a complement of Galactic Alliance Guard soldiers to secure the academy in order to gain leverage over the Jedi Order. The Twi'lek felt that this made her mission to help Solo all the more pertinent, as in her opinion he was already blundering. Distracting the guards in the Ossus library, Rar downloaded all data on Sith Meditation Spheres to her datapad. Much of the limited information was already known to her, but the fact that the vessel was a powerful tool for the art of battle meditation, with which one could turn the tides of engagements, was news to the Twi'lek. Rar set off back through the forests to the ravine and ordered the Meditation Sphere to take her back to Lumiya's asteroid hideout in the Kanz sector.[13]

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Flight Officer Everitt Murray Lance Grave side Service Program Download here. See below for Last Post Ceremony 7th June 2021 A grave side service was held at 9am on the 6th June at the Woden Cemetery, ACT in remembrance of Flt Officer Everitt Murray Lance who killed in action on the 7th June 1971 during the Battle of Long Khanh. The service was well attended with a sizable family presence and 20 to 30 former members of 3 RAR and 9 Sqn RAAF. The service commenced at 0900hours with Jeff Barrett as MC. Whilst Everitt Lance was a RAAF member, the RAAF members were happy for 3 RAR to MC. The service program download is above for viewing. The following is a photographic video presentation of the photographs taken on the day. Photographs are available upon request.

Vietnam Requiem 6th and 7th June 2021 The 2021 premier of the Australian War Memorials, Flowers of War trilogy the Vietnam Requiem occurred on Saturday 5th June and Sunday 6th June. The following download is a City News review of the performance and comments from attendees.City News Vietnam Requiem Review download here 041b061a72


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