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Buying Bras In Korea

From an American perspective, I believed that stores in Korea would carry bras in a range as wide as they did in the U.S. From previous trips to Korea, I had never had the need to go bra-shopping. How misinformed I was. My first trip was a sweaty, anxious, mess of a day where none of the bras I tried on fit. The band sizes were in weird numbers and I could barely fit into the cup.

buying bras in korea

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While you could use trial and error while buying clothes, here at DELIVERED, we compiled a nice list of clothing size charts for you to find your size. Korean women clothes are quite small, so the most produced size being a 55. For tall or larger men, there are special online shopping malls for you.

Korean people have a moderately similar body-type, so you can find a lot of Free Size or One Size which is the Korean equivalent of One size fits all.Sometimes you will have to pick between number sizes for bras.

Surprise! Korea has differently shaped outlets. Some recommend bringing an extension cord or power surge so you can plug in multiple devices without buying a lot of adapters. You can find cheaper adapters online, but buying one on site in Korea can cost around 7,000 won; roughly 7 dollars. Without some sort of extension cord, the price can really add up!

Support: Do you need high, low, or medium support? High-impact activities warrant more support for better comfort, but depending on your personal cup size and preference, you may feel better with more support no matter what workout you do. Typically, higher-support bras will have molded cups, a wider band and adjustable straps to help you get a better fit. There might even be an underwire bra that you can use as a workout bra.

Straps: For a more custom fit, look for bras that have adjustable straps. If you are worried about strap slippage and don't want to wear a workout bra with adjustable straps, consider a racerback bra. Racerback styles can also hold up better if you can't find a fully adjustable strap.

Fit: Fit goes beyond band size. Some sports bras have a more compressive fit, while others move more with your body. If you don't want a compression bra, look for bras that say "low-impact" or "yoga bras." These will give you minimal support, but still provide some coverage.

We (Mercey and Amanda) have been shopping for sports bras for various workouts for years. We're both avid fitness fanatics and between the two of us, we've tried just about every type of workout -- spin class, CrossFit, long-distance running, dance cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, hiking -- just to name a few.

We used our personal experiences with trying so many sports bras out there to highlight some of the ones that perform the best and stood out to us over the years. With that in mind, we are both on the smaller-chested side, so we can't speak for all body types and sizes. But these are the best sports bras and styles we've found that work for us in the hope that you can find the right sports bra that works for you, too.

This is the only high-support sports bra I own because as someone with a smaller chest, I don't typically have a need for them. However, I will say that running is significantly more comfortable when I wear this All In Motion sports bra over other sports bras in my collection.

I'm an avid dance cardio fan, which means I spend a lot of time jumping up and down during my workouts. I've found that I need more support for the best comfort during these workouts, so bras with molded cups like this one from Calia work best for me.

I love these light-support bras from Old Navy since they are comfy, cute and come in a ton of different colors. I've owned one of these for years and I've been so surprised by how well it's held up, given that I wear it as an everyday bra for everything from yoga to hanging out or walking my dog.

VANEK SMITH: And fans respond by buying everything BTS touches. And BTS is touching a lot of stuff. The band has not been shy about brand partnerships. They've collaborated with Samsung Galaxy on a BTS phone, with FILA on a sportswear collection, with Hyundai on the Palisade model that ended up in six-month backorders, with Baskin-Robbins, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton and McDonald's on a special Happy Meal. And in every case, everything sold out. Stacey Vanek Smith, NPR News.

Finding underwear that fits correctly is pretty important, and not just for comfort purposes. It's my belief that a good bra can positively impact your body confidence and make you feel truly good about yourself. Thankfully, there are many Asian lingerie brands out there that cater to people with little boobs. Much is being said about the wonders of K-beauty, but the Asian fashion market has a lot to offer in terms of lingerie, too. Not only do these bras do wonders in terms of fit, but they also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to suit your own personal tastes. That in mind, here are my nine favorite places to shop for bras in A-cups.

According to the site's "About" page, the company was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines and appreciation of the bust volumes through the right choice of brassieres."

So there you have it: Nine Asian lingerie brands that prove that people with small boobs can have their cake and eat it, too. The world of well-fitted and gorgeous bras is ours, after all. Hopefully this list has given the less-endowed among of us some undergarment inspiration.

Our mission has always been simple, we want to provide women with the most beautiful, well-fitting bras possible. Use Click, Fit & Collect to choose your perfect bra, get it delivered for free to your desired stockist and take advantage of a professional fitting when you collect your lingerie.

Nov. 17, 2003: Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) votes to invoke safeguard relief on knit fabric, dressing gowns and robes, and bras imported from China following petitions filed by the U.S. textile industry. 041b061a72


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