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Sevastyan Antonov

The Hunger Soundtrack Lakme [Extra Quality]

The George Gershwin song "Someone to Watch Over Me" is heard in the movie in three separate renditions. They were by: (1) Sting, heard at the start of the film (2) Roberta Flack, heard over the end credits and (3) Gene Simmons with Richard Wyands, Doug Watkins and J.C. Heard, from an original 1961 version. The Sting and Roberta Flack versions were new takes recorded especially for this movie. No movie soundtrack album for Someone to Watch Over Me (1987) was ever released. Sting's version of the song got distributed as the B-side track on his "Englishman in New York" single as well as also being included on the later 1999 compilation album "At The Movies". The Flack rendition of the song has never been officially commercially available other than where it is heard in this movie.

The Hunger Soundtrack Lakme

The Vangelis track "Memories of Green" featuring on the soundtrack was previously heard in director Sir Ridley Scott's earlier movie Blade Runner (1982). Vangelis acted as composer on that movie as well as on Scott's 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992).

The Hunger is a 1983 British horror film directed by Tony Scott, and starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon. It is the story of a love triangle between a doctor who specializes in sleep and aging research and a vampire couple. The soundtrack features a piano adaption of The Flower Duet in a memorable scene where Catherine Deneuve plays the piano for Susan Sarandon. 041b061a72


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